Basque Club 50th Anniversary

Saturday, March 13th, 2010, 4:00pm: Bertso Jaialdia.  The event that sparked the creation of the Basque Club was an inadvertently interrupted bertso performance by legendary bertsolariak Xalbador & Mattin (see the history page) when they were visiting California in 1960.  To commemorate this event and to pay tribute to Xalbador & Mattin and Euskara (the Basque language) a full blown ninety minute bertso performance will be exhibited at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center with all four active US berstolariak (Johnny Curutchet, Gratien Alfaro, Jesus Goņi & Martin Goicoechea) along with the two biggest names in Bertsolartitza from the Basque Country, the newly crowned Champion, Maialen Lujanbio and the past four time champion, Andoni Egaņa.  A dinner will follow the bertso performance at 7:00pm ($25).

To attend the bertso jaialdia and the dinner, please rsvp to Valerie Arrechea (650-871-7347 ) by March 4th.


Promotional Video:


John Miles Folley explores Bertsolaritza:


BERTSOLARI video from txintxua on Vimeo.


Maialen Lujanbio - 2009 Txapelduna:

Abendua - 13 - 2009

December 13th, 2009


Andoni Egana eta Maialen Lujanbio bertsoak:


Maialen Lujanbioren azken agurra: